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Sun, Jan 07


Bauman Chiropractic Vancouver

Divine Feminine Rising - A Spiritual Healing Retreat

Embrace the divine energy within and connect with like-minded souls as we explore what the Divine Feminine means to you.

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Divine Feminine Rising - A Spiritual Healing Retreat
Divine Feminine Rising - A Spiritual Healing Retreat

Time & Location

Jan 07, 2024, 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Bauman Chiropractic Vancouver, 202 E McLoughlin Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98663, USA

About the event

The Divine Feminine Rising Retreat is about Activating the sacred energy within the feminine vessel. Each woman on this planet holds within her the power of this Divine Energy. During this retreat we will dive deep and explore how this energy wants to support you. Self-love, empowerment, and spiritual growth will be our focus for the day.

This highly anticipated retreat will SELL OUT - only 8 out of  20 spots remaining!

Don't miss this amazing opportunity for life changing healing. Pricing for this retreat is only $245 per ticket.

More details and ticket purchase via

How the day will unfold

This beautiful retreat will begin with Healing Movement led by the Gorgeous Tammy Bux, a Qigong Teacher and Wellbeing Mentor. These ancient movements open up Divine channels for nourishing energy to rise up and infuse every cell in the body, harmonising the physical, emotional and spiritual layers of the sacred vessel that is your home.

A stunning Sound Bath will follow, hosted by the powerful Reiki Master Diana Lynn Liebman. The frequencies radiating from her singing bowls have the power to dissolve stagnant energy, to clear the energetic body and drop you into a trance like state for deep healing.

Taking you deeper into your journey, Reiki Master Christine Myers, will lead the group on multiple Empowering Meditations to eliminate any chains or restrictions that have been placed upon you, to open and expand the lower Chakras and to ignite The Divine Feminine within you, to illuminate your sovereign passage.

Closing the day we will all unite in a beautiful Closing Ceremony as we usher each sister through a sacred portal to her higher power and to receive sacred blessings from your hosts.

This whole event will be captured and seen through the lens of the phenomenal photographer, Lelani Callies with Island Touch Photography. From our opening movement sessions to our stunning Closing ceremony, she will be behind the scenes freezing each moment in time.

Meet Your Hosts

Reiki Master - Christine Myers

Christine is a certified Reiki Master and soul creator behind The Fluid Soul. It is her mission as a business owner and Reiki Practitioner to normalize healing the mind, body and spirit through energetic channels. Through her Workshops, YouTube videos, Retreats, One on One Healing Sessions, and Reiki Infused Jewelry she is a lighthouse for those who are seeking change and deep transformation. She is passionate about empowering souls from all walks of life and truly believes we are the main link to our greatest healing & breakthroughs. Christine is able to hold beautiful space for her clients, while their souls gently shift from one phase of life to another and helps to illuminate the path ahead. For more information connect with Christine via email at

Benefits of Reiki Healing

Reiki is a form of energy therapy that is transferred through the practitioner's body and sent to the client or clients. Reiki is a powerful tool for healing that has been around for centuries. It is now being used in medical facilities around the world to help promote faster recovery after surgery, childbirth and infections. It also supports mental health, by releasing suppressed emotions, easing addictions, lowering anxiety, increase stamina for workouts and helps boost creativity. Reiki is not bound by space or time so it can play a major role for future events or unweaving wounds from the past. Reiki will gently be sent throughout this whole event to offer each guest support and guidance for whatever they might need.

Qigong Teacher & Wellbeing Mentor - Tammy Bux

Tammy is a certified yoga instructor and TEDx speaker, trained in Compassion Cultivation and Meditation at Stanford University, Consciousness and Healing at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and  Medical Qigong at Breathe Together Yoga.

She provides a thoughtful and caring environment, with her inclusive approach to teaching qigong, yoga, breathwork and meditation, accessible to a variety of age groups & abilities. Tammy takes people on a healing journey guided by her voice, words and energy, empowering them to cultivate resilience, practice compassion, and discover radiant wellbeing within.

Born and educated in Australia, Tammy's ancestors hail from Kashmir, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. She maintains a deep and abiding connection to her South Asian heritage as she continues her life-long study of eastern energy practices and her passion for exploring the subtle links of the mind, body and Spirit. For more information connect with Tammy via email at

Benefits of Qigong Healing

Qigong it’s an ancient eastern practice that combines slow, flowing movement with mindful breathing, healing sounds, visualization and meditation to clear away stress and stagnation, bringing fresh life force energy and alignment into the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Regular practice leads to greater vitality and flexibility, better balance and mobility, and a profound sense of wellbeing, with the goal of a clearer, calmer mind, deep states of relaxation, sacred flow and divine connection.

Reiki Master - Diana Lynn Liebman

Diana is a certified Reiki Master, Sound Healer and Certified Hypnotherapist. She has been serving the Vancouver community for over 16 years as a healer. She plays a powerful role in the healing community as an active Sponsor for Women in Recovery. Through her gentle guidance and loving support, Diana has helped redirect many souls back to their authentic path of grace and forgiveness. Diana is physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually ready to support those ready for change and transformation, wherever they may be on their journey in this lifetime. For more information connect with Diana via email at

Benefits Of Sound Healing

Sound Healing goes back to the beginning of time and can be found in all cultures across the globe. It's an ancient tradition where these sacred vibrations wrap the body, mind and soul in soothing tones. During a Sound Bath a skilled practitioner plays one or many sound bowls that radiate a particular frequency to help promote healing and to drop you into a meditative state. While in this deep meditative state, these frequencies help raise your energy levels to a range that helps open and clear your energy channels for wisdom and healing to naturally flow to you.

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