Join me on a healing journey guided by my voice, energy & teachings

Welcome to Radiance Wellbeing, I’m so glad you’re here!

I've been a dedicated yoga, qigong & meditation

practitioner and teacher for many years. 

My mission is to empower others to discover radiant wellbeing within themselves through movement, meditation & self-reflection.

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Hi my name is Tammy and I'm the owner of Radiance Wellbeing. 

Guided by my voice, words and energy, I take people on a journey to healing and wholeness. Through my movement, meditation and mindfulness sessions, I empower my students to discover their own

radiance and wellbeing within.

My mission is to encourage my students to connect with their intuition, cultivate resilience, and practice compassion for themselves and others through yoga, qigong, meditation, and self-reflection.

I'm a certified yoga instructor, qigong, breathwork, mindfulness and meditation guide, TEDx speaker, poet, and wellbeing mentor. I provide a thoughtful and caring environment for my students to learn a new skill or deepen their current practice. My superpower is my voice and it's the perfect medium to guide you to develop

a deeper sense of serenity and stability. 

I have been practicing yoga for 22 years and was certified as an RYT-200 instructor by Yoga Alliance. I trained in Transcendental Meditation in 2001, and completed a Compassion Cultivation and Meditation course through Stanford University School of Medicine in 2016 and Consciousness and Healing through the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California in 2017.

I've been practicing and teaching Qigong for several years and completed the first module of 'Introduction to Medical Qigong' in 2022 through Breathe Together Yoga (ranked #1 yoga studio in Silicon Valley). I plan to continue my Medical Qigong training in 2023.

I have been teaching private 1:1 and group sessions in Beaverton, OR Vancouver, WA and San Jose, CA. I currently teaches weekly classes in Vancouver at Muni Muni Yoga and Breathe Wellness Company and workshops at Barre3 Felida.

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Yellow Flowers

Tammy's meditation transports my body and mind into a place of tranquility, providing a perfect start to my normally hectic day.

Sara Forkenbrock


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Yoga Class


By bringing yoga directly to you, Radiance Wellbeing has created this Group Session to be uniquely tailored to your needs and schedule. My Group Session integrates yoga poses (asanas) and breathwork as part of my holistic technique.

Yoga at Home


The Private Session allows you to dive deeper into yoga practice. The focus is on alignment and breath, and a special emphasis on proper technique helps you reconnect and rejuvenate your body. This is a popular one, so go ahead and book today.



Vancouver, WA, USA

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